I am an Artist.

If a person is defined by their deeds, then I must be a very creative guy! These pages have on them thousands of images of art I’ve created.

I am descended from generations of designers, writers, sculptors and artists of the classic mediums. From them I have inherited a good eye for color and balance, for composition and tone, and an innate sensitivity for the communication of ideas through imagery. My canvas is a computer screen and pixels are my paint.

I am a Designer.

In a digital world, my creative skills are universally applicable across many media channels, making me equally as competent working in 2D or 3D, motion or stills, interactive or linear. Being both a left-brain and a right-brain thinker, I can integrally balance the aesthetic with the functional.

It is my natural instinct to think outside the box, expand beyond the commonplace, and re-imagine traditional constructs.

I am a Director.

I am a Virgo who is true to the stereotype of my sign. My character will always reflect meticulous organization, pragmatism, punctuality, efficiency, self-discipline and accountability. My word is golden, my intentions pure, and my tendancy is to grasp the big picture and take control.

I have directed, managed or produced literally hundreds of unique projects in my career. More broadly, I am seeker of perfection, and an advocate of any technology that has a positive transformational effect on mankind in general.