With a strong foothold in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and other video editing applications, I have created sales and promotional videos for projection, cube walls, DVD and streaming. In some cases with pro green-screen and color grading, sometimes with 3D composite animation (C4D), sometimes including scripting, direction, and VO / score editing. And sometimes, just using public domain or stock video and images. Here’s some in general descending chronological order (and resolution).

This video demonstrates the advantages of GigaMACS for applications such as Automatic Target Recognition.

Working with the brilliant mathematician and inventors at Gigantor Technologies, I created this to help explain their GigaMACS product.

This is a 3-minute sales video done for P2SG, reselling value-added Micron-driven AI into the health industry, specifically for patient intake identification and legal processes.

This is a matching 3-minute sales video done for P2SG, reselling value-added Micron-driven AI into the essential worker industries, specifically sensing indoor environmental health.

Also for P2SG, I created this 4K looping attract sequence for their booth at the AI trade show.

This activist organization, HealRWorld has been a great client with great goals. This trailer recognizes Lightworkers during the pandemic.

HealRWorld continues to be a great company with great goals. This is a short trailer for the OpenExo conference.

Also for HealRWorld is this video promoting their investor-driven AngelsTV concept.

A year earlier, I had the privilege to create this video displayed in the presenter’s area of the United Nations General Assembly.

At the same UNGA conference, there was a 9-cube video wall that I was invited to display the presenters and partners on. As it would loop constantly behind the speakers, I wanted it to move very slowly. The design exploits the natural bezels separating the 9 cubes.

This was 30-second social media grabber for Unify Earth, before the logo was finalized.

And here is a splash-screen animation of the final logo for inclusion with partner HopSports’ educational game programs for children.

This is a crowdfunding video for Australian company One08′ water optimizing products. I wrote the script, directed the green screen and edited together the video and animation, having the pleasure to work with vibrant local personality and author James Twyman.

The One08 H2Optimizer had an industrial size good for agriculture. On rather short notice, James met me at a local hemp farm where we were testing the product, for this quick promo.

The scientist and inventor of One08’s QCT technology provided me with green-screen narrative that I matted into this more matter-of-fact sales video for the Agricultural unit.

And then here is an alternate cut targeted for the Home and Commercial QCT water units.

This was a looping attract reel for the screen in the lobby of this financial advisor’s office.

I worked with DRG Communications to create graphics for this sales video for Supra iBox.

This was a large projected backdrop behind the stage of the Possibilities conference where thought leaders like Wayne Dyer and Mary Manin Morrissey were speakers. The words on screen are designed to sync to melody of the music.

This is tiny resolution because I misplaced the original NTSC render. This was a cute animation I built using an early 3D app called Specular Infinity. We didn’t have time or render cycles available, but it played at InFocus’ booth on a loop to attract, to promote their new projector, code name Dragonfly. (Music by Sonic Arts)

When we bootstrapped this vehicle accessory sales company together, funds were scarce. We improvised with a rough green screen, and rendered it together with a Daystar Mac.

Building the Doonesbury Election Game with Kellogg Creek Software for Mindscape Inc, this was one of my favorite wait screens in the CD game.

A cryptocurrency company asked me to conceive a virtual coin based upon the ancient Samurai RYO.