Quality Plus Services, Inc.
Hillsboro, Oregon
BIM Manager
2020 to present
QPS is a nationwide electrical engineering and construction contractor, with experience in all areas of electrical design, fabrication and installation. QPS has participated in many of the USA’s most high visibility technical construction projects and keeps a workforce busy from coast to coast. With our attention to precision, using modern technologies such as BIM, AR and laser measurement devices, we optimize our installations to satisfy the most demanding customers, environments and timelines. My role is to manage Building Information Modeling using Autodesk Construction Cloud products.
P2 Solutions Group
Seattle, Washington
VP Creative
2019 to 2020
P2 Solutions Group is a company of stakeholders coming together as Master Edge Technology Integrators. An exclusive authorized VAR for Micron’s HPC Processors and Memory, and reseller of Tempered cybersecurity systems, P2 offers next-gen HIP cloaking technology, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence to a hyperconnected world. We specialize in Precision Health Care, Clinical Research, Robotic Vision, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, Smart Factories and Shipping, Cybersecurity, Smart Buildings and Hospitals, Smart Cities and Utilities, Power Grids and Autonomous Transportation. Our ground-breaking Quintesseract™ technology accelerates Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) processing in any application, by leveraging modern massive parallel computing architecture.
Unify Earth Systems Ltd.
Freeport, The Bahamas
Creative Director
2018 to 2020
With over 1000 improvements made to the core blockchain technologies, Unify Earth® is redefining the state-of-the-art with its Blockchain 3.0 platform. It is flexible, scalable, and visionary in its approach to create a fully-securitized system on a scale that will serve all the world’s citizen’s and reward positive human behavior.
Our focus is on “Humanizing the Blockchain™” by empowering all peoples of Earth to easily and confidently enjoy the distributed value, security and freedom of a worldwide decentralized trading network. Our proprietary Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ algorithm is a game-changer, as it assures mining fairness on any and all devices. We lead with values first, and integrate with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Ultimately, Unify Earth® seeks to make our UEX® Coin the most viable digital currency for sovereign applications worldwide. Our international exchanges are planned to trade not only crypto-currencies, but also Forex, intellectual property and media, real property, and natural indigenous resources from member countries. Experts agree that our Silicon Valley level (Apple®, Microsoft®, etc) team of technical innovators designing toward natural mainstream integration – is exactly what blockchain technology needs to succeed as…The Operating System for a New Humanity™.
C2M Services, LLC.
Beaverton, Oregon
Creative Director/Advisory Consultant
2013 to 2017
Completion to Market (C2M) Services is a Business Accelerator serving the Portland/Vancouver area, a hybrid of conventional staffing firm, employment agency, HR outsourcing firm, and a business consultancy, designed to be compliant with the USCIS EB-5 Program direct job creation requirements. C2M works with a broad range of industries including cutting-edge technology (hardware development and software applications), media production, product design and development, sustainability, food and wellness services.
The Aware Show, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon
Media Engineer
2012 to 2017
The Aware Show is a public radio show and live teleseminar webcast series, hosted by Lisa Garr, and focusing on messages that inspire positive growth and change. Guests include experts and leaders in all areas of the noetic sciences. Duties include summit theme design and sales funnel graphics, internet broadcasting, social media and YouTube Channel management, video editing and digital product development with an extensive cast of doctors, nutritionists, motivational coaches, spiritualists, authors, musicians and neuroscientists.
Film Oregon Regional Center
Beaverton, Oregon
Chief Creative Director
2010 to 2012
Film Oregon Regional Center is turnkey-ready USCIS EB5 regional center. It has been endorsed by both of Oregon’s Senators, the Governor, a Congressman, Mayors and other officials as an immigration-derived funding and jobs mechanism for local Oregon based film projects. Long range plans for FORCe included full stage and production studios for film, television, and online media development. However, due to a sudden suspension of the EB5 Program by the Federal government in 2012, this company is now shelved.
Beaverton, Oregon
Creative Director
2010 to 2014
Gotham4 is an incubator for the Science of Consciousness. Working with world-class visionary and luminary talent, we developed self-help programs and other media that entertains, educates and enlightens. Gotham4 was formed to manage the intellectual property for Film Oregon Regional Center on projects from film and television series to bio-architecture technologies. When FORCe was suspended, Gotham4 also went dormant.
Eclipse Cross Media, USA
Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, England, USA
Managing Director
2011 to 2015
Eclipse Cross Media is an international marketing and data intelligence company, and DMA Award winner for Europe 2010. Eclipse is has gained recognition for customer loyalty programs that have the highest ROI and satisfaction ratings in the business, using multi-channel, multi-point and personlized direct marketing technology.
AdSwift, LLC.
Portland, Oregon
President and COO
2002 to 2011
AdSwift was a direct mail company specializing in enterprise level brand management. I designed and built an online system to streamline deployment of postcards across sales forces numbering in the tens of thousands, with integrated list acquisition and personalization tools. We partnered with a large on-demand printing and mailing facility, Expresscopy. I worked directly with the CMOs of MetLife, Farmers Insurance, Wachovia Securities, AIGBank, Shaklee, and others to roll out top-down programs, and applied for a patent on my method.
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon
Adjunct Professor
1995 to 2004
When the College of Extended Studies began their Multimedia Professionals Program, I was one of the first instructors to participate. I taught accredited courses in Multimedia Design, Web Graphics, Digital Video and and 3D Animation. In my course curriculum I coined a Five-Concepts approach to CG that students could grasp quickly and apply easily. My classes were popular and sometimes I lectured on design to larger audiences.
EyeVelocity, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
Co-Owner and Creative Director
1996 to 1999
In this venture, I designed and helped build a proprietary vehicle-accessory sales platform that became a profit center for Ford Dealerships nationwide. Similar deals were made with Toyota, Chrysler, General Motors and NAPA. Owning the largest full-cove cyclorama in Oregon, we photo-cataloged thousands of makes and models, years and colors, with interactive visualization, parts databases, web distribution, cataloguing, and tracking. We crafted scalable production processes for enormous quantities of visual information. EyeVelocity reached 160 employees, with a 28,000 square foot facility. We were IPO-ready at $80M, and then the tech bubble burst.
MediaMania, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
Owner and Director
1993 to 1999
MediaMania was among the first multimedia producing studios in Portland. It specialized in digital graphics, 3-D rendering and animation for video, print, installations, games and CD-ROM title development, multi-panel display, GUI, consumer kiosks, advertising, broadcast and the early web. Our twelve-person shop was best recognized for our ability to successfully integrate creative design with the limitations of current computing.
Northwest VideoWorks, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
Creative Director
1992 to 1993
This video post-production facility built motion picture film effects, video and television commercials for clients like ESPN, Wil Vinton Studios and local producers. I was hired to bridge the gap between their linear video base and the emerging interactive video market. Duties included supervision and development of production projects, sound and graphics, knowledge of Composium and Abekas digital compositing systems. I also tinkered with Silicon Graphics workstations running Maya on IRIX for output to film, video, games and 3D printing.
Creative Media Development, Inc. (CMD)
Portland, Oregon
Art Director
1991 to 1992
CMD, now owned by Jeld-Wen, was once a full-service corporate meetings, events and communications company. We produced performance media, sales and product launches for major tech and sports companies and a variety of videos, including multi-projector slideshows, early motion-control and VR. My responsibility as manager of the print and graphics department, was to meet and brainstorm with clients, give presentation support to the sales team, estimate costs, design the theme, sets and signage for corporate events, tradeshows, simulations and safety training systems.
Woodson & Neuroth, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
Production Artist
1990 to 1991
This was a small advertising agency with in-house design. My duties include design, illustration, production, and electronic pre-press of advertising related materials such as newsprint, trade magazine and mail-order catalogs.
Seari Group, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
1987 to 1989
With none of us over age 30, this agency provided media placement, campaign planning, corporate identity, collateral design and full service advertising. The company received a #6 listing in the Phoenix Business Journal for 1989, received one RAMP and two Addy awards, serving banks, realty groups, hospitals and golf courses.
Honeywell Bull, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
Technical Illustrator
1986 to 1987
I worked in the Publications Department of this electronics manufacturer, Technical Support Division. Duties included technical illustration, project coordination, desktop publishing on a MacIntosh and DOS Network.
W.M. McElfresh Advertising, Inc.
Flagstaff, Arizona
Advertising Production
1985 – 1986
Still working my way through college by freelancing for this advertising firm, my duties included standard mechanical production of print related materials, airbrush retouching, hand illustration and cartooning.
Rich Ideas, Inc.
Flagstaff, Arizona
Advertising Production
1985 – 1986
Still working my way through college by freelancing, I provided basic production and illustration as requested.
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Flagstaff, Arizona
In-House Designer
1984 – 1985
Given one of the first color computers to learn, I did basic internal communications for this tech manufacturer.
Adler & Schinkel, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Design Apprentice
1982 to 1985
In my parent’s advertising and marketing firm, I both assisted my father and learned his trade. We produced collateral materials, photography, trade journal and magazine advertising for a range of industrial-based clients.
The Feather Pen, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
Apprentice Draftsman
1980 to 1982
Advertising/Marketing Firm. Duties included ink drafting and technical illustration.