Animation and Interactivity eBooks

Intelligent Cities

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Mark Buser – AG Edwards

LifeWise Care Services

Ford Motor Company

Macro Systems – Why Us

TIME Enterprises

Internet Observation Systems

Johnstone Financial

Dynamic Signage Loop Ads

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Accountant Ad (1 panel)

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Grill Ad (1 panel)

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Builders Ad (2 panel)

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Bank Ad (2 panel)

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Orchestra Ad (4 panel)

Clarity Visual / Interspace – Metro Auto Ad (4 panel)

Web Site Introductions

High Technology Solutions

New Thought Broadcasting – Possibilities Conference

Neale Donald Walsh – Speech Intro

Typar House Wrap CD

Promotional Mailers

Gary Zukav – Genesis

Gary Zukav – Authentic Power

Gary Zukav – Seat of the Soul

Visualization Aids

Perception Sensory Training – Pegboard

Perception Sensory Training – Charts

Portland State University – Design Concepts Lecture

Fannie Mae and ECM Direct Mailer Design

Kiosk Attract Loop

HTS Healthcare

Web Sites and Pages
(some sites may have changed or been moved)P2 Solutions Group

Abundant World Institute


Unify Earth Systems


Malini Saba

Columbia River Sailing

Film Oregon Regional Center

The Inner Magic


OR Film Jobs

C2M Services Oregon

C2M Services Texas Site

Northwest Fourslide

The Aware Show

The Aware Show – YouTube Channel

Lisa Garr’s Favorites – 2014

Lisa Garr – Donna Gates Body Ecology System

The Aware Life – NeuroSummit I

The Aware Life – NeuroSummit II

The Aware Life – Money and Manifestation

The Aware Life – The Radiant Body

The Aware Life – The Soul Summit

Mark Waldman – Neuroscience of Happiness and Wealth

Willie Stewart – Timeless Rhythm

Printella Bankhead – Staying on Course in Business and in Life

Archetype Project Workshop

Archetype Project Homepage Idea

Steve Prussack – Juice Guru

Dr. Louann Tung – Core-Herence

Kenji Kumara – Quantum Lightweaving

Dr. Joe Rubino – Center for Personal Reinvention

Dr. Joe Rubino – Life Optimization Coaching

Dr. Joe Rubino – High Self Esteem Adults

Dr. Joe Rubino – High Self Esteem Kids

Dr. Joe Rubino – Isagenix – My New Trim Body

Ocean Robbins – The Food Revolution Network

Don Miguel Ruiz – New Agreements for Life

Murphy Commodities

Dr. Chris Wagner – Soul Engineering

Marcia McReynolds – Listening Planet

Luminary Management Group


Theme Banners for the Aware Show Summits
Soul Summit Ideas The Radiant Body 2014
Soul Summit 2014 The Radiant Body 2015
Soul Summit 2015 The Radiant Body Alternate
Stress Solutions Summit Ideas Catch the Wave Ideas 2012
Stress Solutions Summit 2014 NeuroSummit II 2015
The Aware Life Season 9 Ideas Money & Manifestation 2015

This very rough concept 3D animated “mini”:

Turn on your speakers and give it time to load, 34MB.

The Magic Lantern